Monday, September 2, 2013
I have to get these!!

I have to get these!!

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I want legs like Snooki’s

Have you seen Snooki lately? The once booze loving meatball has become a fit mother! Her trainer has done some good work and she is in awesome shape!! I follow her on instagram and her selfie this morning was my inspiration for today’s leg workout.

Bike for 40 minutes gradually increasing and decreasing resistance

25 squats with TRX band
25 jumping squats with TRX band
40 calf raises

on free motion machine work glutes with 20 pounds
3 sets of 10 on leg press with 140 pounds
3 sets of 10 on leg curls with 80 pounds
3 sets of 10 on leg extensions with 80 pounds

40 hip inductors and abductors with no weight on each side

20 minutes on stair master

Stretch, Namaste

Follow fitness blogs on Twitter and Instagram for constant motivation. It’s a great community become involved with if you’re looking to lose those pounds or build muscle!

Stay fit, stay sexy ;]

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Around the Gym Workout Routine

So I’ve been going to the gym regularly since January when I purchased a pair of adorable floral print pants that were four sizes too small for me. They were the only pair from Free People and on sale too! It was a must really! My good friend Merisa told me so blatantly, like she always does, “You’ll just have to start working out…lose that muffin top a little.” “Yeaaaa! I can do itt!” I said. And then I went off to buy the pants that are now my favorite, feisty going out pants.

I got back to school and went to the gym for the first time in months and it immediately became habit. I was a swimmer for a good portion of my life and working out wasn’t something that was new to me. Because of my previous training, I knew that it was something I wanted to get back into and knew that I could. In a way it was also a distraction from being a senior in college and having to think about my dreaded future. I thought of all the reasons to keep going to the gym like, it’s because I want look good in these pants, I want to run a marathon, a 5k, do a triathlon, I just want to look hot…literally every reason in the book was a different motive for each day.

Now I don’t think about why I’m working out, I just do it. I want to be healthy and have healthy blood for my future kin. I’ve seen disease before and I’d rather keep it at bay in my life…we’re able to do what we can for our bodies and I’m going to do what I can…work out and eat healthy.

So there you have it. Now that I’ve been going to the gym mostly everyday by myself I get a little bored. I usually tweet throughout the hour or two long gym sesh (@dalechristina), listen to my ipod classic, or write gym routines. This is only my second but I’ll keep it up :]

Around the Gym:

Stretch…I mean realllllllly stretch
1-30 second battling ropes (if your gym doesn’t provide, run half a mile)
2- 45 count jump rope
3-45 count jumping jacks
4-10 burpees…I know they’re the worst thing ever but just do it :]
5-30 second mountain climbers
6-Up and down the cardio room weighted lunges
7-50 sit ups on ball


5 lady push-ups…I’ve never been able to do a push-up to this day #goals

Repeat 1-5
25 squats (I use a TRX but you could roll against the wall with a ball between your back and the wall or just out with your hands in front of you, shoulder-width apart)
50 Russian twists with a medicine ball you feel resistance with


20 bicep reps with a 20 pound weight behind the head (if anyone knows what to call that, thanks)

Run a mile
30 Weighted calf raises (I hold a kettle bell at my chest and stand up and down on my tippy toes for a count of ten, then hold for a count of three sets of ten for 30 “calf raises”)
20 leg raises

Stretch :] Namaste

Hope you enjoy! Stay tuned ;] Be fit, be sexy

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Used to need it now I’m just comfortable dancing the white way that I do

Used to need it now I’m just comfortable dancing the white way that I do

One of these days I’ll post my own photos of NYC

One of these days I’ll post my own photos of NYC